About The Cook And Their Family

My honey Gabe has been a vegetarian since 2000 or so; their reason is that they don’t want to eat their friends. My concerns have centered around the meat industry and how animals are treated, and I’ve been vegetarian or pescetarian for most of the last 25 years. In 2006, I developed severe gastric issues that were only alleviated by removing gluten from my diet. While I was not able to get any official diagnosis, I now live happily gluten free. We have two other beloved family members in the household: one has a different level of gluten sensitivity to mine, and the other gets migraines from eating chocolate. There’s also some insulin resistance issues that are wending their way into our collective lives. You may see in our archives that we also use a lot less salt than we used to. :-)

That’s a lot of culinary dancing to do!

Together we love blending our dietary limitations with roots in south Louisiana and Gulf Coast Tex-Mex cuisine, preferences for Thai, Indian, and Mediterranean food, and good ol’ piles of potatoes and cheese. All added up, we’ve got a delightful palette that we enjoy.

We are big fans of delicious food, and big believers that eating food that fits your ethics and your body’s needs can be a pleasurable, joyous act. We’re also committed to simplicity as a lifestyle, and prefer to keep our expenses down wherever we can. We hope you find this site to be a useful resource for inexpensive, delicious food that nourishes you.

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