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Bayou Chopped Salad

The Shorty first found this idea at her workplace cafeteria, and loved it so much she had to recreate it at home. This is a buffet-style salad, so set up the ingredients below and let family members mix their own.

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How We Hard Boil Eggs

There have got to be several dozens of sets of instructions online regarding egg boiling, and I’ve run across several folks convinced that they don’t do it well. It’s true it can be tricky, and the “right” way to do

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Chiles Rellenos

We just finished eating this nommy cheesy goodness. It’s a little more effort than we usually put into one meal, but it’s worth it if you have the time. By itself as is, it’s not quite a full meal for

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Welcome to another year of food!

Wow!  What a holiday season, and first month of the year!  It’s been flying by at light speed over here. Let’s see, I took Gabe home for our first together-Christmas with my family. For the most part, it was wonderful.

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One-Pot Fried Rice

Gabe has a special trick he incorporated into this dish. His former brother-in-law had a friend who owned a Chinese restaurant. He told Gabe how they cooked the egg in their fried rice. So, Gabe turned it into this recipe.

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Mushroom Lentil Stew, Potato Salad & Fudge

We’ve made our meal for tomorrow, to take over to Gabe’s family gathering. I’m excited! I look forward to sharing our food, and to hunting for something of theirs I can eat. Amidst the turkey and ham and stuffing and

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