Aunt Nancy’s Taco Soup (modified)

Kristi’s Aunt Nancy apparently took several hours to make a carefully crafted, meaty version of this. This amazingly flavorful version is much simpler, and the ease with which the quantity can be adjusted makes it great for parties and family gatherings.

Taco Soup
prep time: 5 min; cook time: 20+ min (depending on heat source)

2 cans reduced or low sodium black beans
2 cans reduced or low sodium kidney beans (light or dark red)
2 cans chili beans
1 or 2 cans no salt added whole kernel corn (depending on your pot size)
1 or 2 cans Rotel-style tomatoes (whatever level of heat you prefer)
1-2 packages taco or fajita seasoning (see note below)

This can be done stovetop in a large pot, or in a crockpot on low. Whichever cooking technique you use, pour all the ingredients together – all juices included – and heat until it simmers for at least 15 minutes. A crockpot on low can be left on while you’re at work.

Place some tortilla chips in a bowl and ladle soup on top. Top with cheese and plain yogurt or sour cream, if desired.

To have lots of leftovers for three people, we increase all the beans to 3 cans, and adjust the rest accordingly.

*NOTE ABOUT SEASONING PACKETS: Be VERY attentive to your seasoning packets to make sure they don’t have gluten ingredients. McCormick’s Taco Seasoning is one kind of seasoning that I feel quite comfortable eating (though their fajita seasoning is NOT gluten-free). There’s some very useful, somewhat recent information here about McCormick’s gluten and labeling policies.

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  1. Nebet says:

    This sounds delicious!

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